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Renaissance of Passion: A Figurative Exhibition

Enjoy the mastery and style of original drawings and paintings by leading artists in today’s Figurative Arts movement!

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Study of AchillesSeeking a Second Renaissance in Sarasota – SRQ Magazine

This is probably the biggest exhibition of representational work we’ve ever had in Sarasota.
– Charles Miano, Southern Atelier

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My modest background — coming from a blue-collar, second-generation immigrant family — has shaped my views on education, and opportunity, in particular. On a personal level, I have learned — sometimes “the hard way” — many valuable lessons about the importance of keeping a simple eye on lifestyle and enjoying the natural and uncomplicated fruits of one’s labor. This has influenced the underlying philosophy of the blossoming art school that we’ve created here at Southern Atelier, which distinguishes it in a very fundamental and unique way.

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“Approach the study of art only on your knees.” – Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867). These words by Ingres may seem far removed from a number of today’s fine art schools. Inculcated into the eager minds of many art students amorously accepting their role as born with a gift for painting and blessed to endow this world with their talent is a notion that to achieve fame, wealth and eminence is the true mark of success as an artist. A belief that to be happy as a painter requires the recognition of the masses by distinguishing oneself based on the merit of one’s own unique gifts.

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“Charlie Miano and Southern Atelier have produced one of the best classical art programs in the country … The Atelier’s dedication to excellence and intensive instruction provides students an ideal environment to fully develop their skills. The school represents a fresh new wave of art instruction …”

— Robert Liberace

“Charlie Miano is a visionary. He is building a school for his community with a passion that is rare, and a generosity for his students that is even more scarce. With his skills, Charlie is tapping into a vitality within the community of students.

He is building a comprehensive program with expertise, practice, and deep understanding. Charlie is helping to reawaken interest in the fundamental visual arts, the appreciation of aesthetic beauty, and the quality of vision by transcending craftsmanship.

The Southern Atelier is emerging as a premier institution for higher learning, atelier training, and the reestablishment of legitimacy in studying from direct observation, working from life. It is the kind of school that we all should embrace.”

— Dan Thompson

“Mr. Charles Miano’s teachings are beautifully balanced in every sense of the word. During his lessons East meets West, the intellectual counterparts the emotional, and the effort and hard work that he demands of his students is also presented with the need to let things develop naturally. It is a refreshing and daring methodology that challenges most, if not all, art schools’ curriculums by providing real, honest and unselfish instruction to students with serious intentions in art.”

— Joe Oliva Ganoza

“I believe that my instruction in drawing and painting has been of the highest quality, which is the direct result of Charlie Miano’s commitment to excellence in art education. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a professional artist; and because of the opportunity that I have had to study at the Southern Atelier, that dream is becoming a reality.”

— Nancy Fazio

“I have been astounded at the number of people who are moving to Florida and specifically looking for a professional classical art program… there is no doubt that the Southern Atelier has become a major school for the arts…”

— Kerry Vosler

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